Tantric massage 
Tantric massage is the map to turn you on, to turn you in and to turn you beyond. 
 With Tantric massage you will understand the beauty of the body worshipping and learn to appreciate both it's sexual and aesthetic sides. and see the response to sensual tease as something totally natural and non embarrassing. 
Tantric massage is based on the movement of energy in your body.  Most important thing is to unblock the energy both in the body and mind. Believing that your body is central for all your welfare, the system of Tantric massage with the seven chakras located in our body is used to reconstruct all aspects of you as an individual. 
The powerful spiritual energy lies in the base chakra, located between the legs. Once released, it grows up through your body and transports through the channels called meridians. 
This method of massage can help to eliminate your negative  blockages and let all the energy in your body flow freely, leaving you re-energised, revived, relaxed, content and flowing on a cloud! 
                                                                      The Seven Chakras 
1.Basic chakra or first chakra.
It is the support of spirit. Its proper functioning will determine the connection of the human being with the earth and matter, and it is located at the end of the spine. 
2.Splenic chakra or second chakra.
It is located by the navel, and it has influence on the nervous system and the body temperature. It gives perfect harmony for the body, mind and emotions. 
3.Solar plexus or third chakra.
It is located in the solar plexus and has influence on the digestive system, and gives dominion over the sub-conscious as it illuminates the mind. 
4.Cardiac chakra or fourth chakra.
It is located near the heart, and reflects the deepest feelings. This chakra is responsible for transcendence, and compassion and love without egoism. 
5.Laryngeal charka or fifth chakra.
It is located in the throat and influences expression, communication, hearing and telepathy. It controls thyroids, the bronchial and vocal system, the lungs, the feeding channel and inner ear, and is responsible for rejuvenation and longevity. 
6.Third eye or sixth chakra.
Located between the eyebrows and belongs to the spiritual world, home to the main and permanent human principles. 
7.Crown chakra or seventh chakra.
It is located at the top of the head and does not work unless the person has made conscious spiritual work. 
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