The Beauty and The Booty

September 16, 2017


The admiration for slim models and celebrities on TV and in glossy magazines, delivers many of us women, to the burning desire of becoming the "salad-eating-chick".

The media has completely brainwashed society into thinking that slim is the norm for beauty and sex appeal. It is unnatural to be physically attracted to a more voluptuous woman, and you will be viewed as unsuccessful and lazy, if you are curvier yourself.

Men are often criticised for having an eye for the slim hotties only, yet, men are the main reason for breaking "the rules".

"Big, round booty" and "fluffy jugs" are among the descriptions men give, when asked, what they consider as sexy and desirable.

Is curvy another trend, the new "beautiful", or is it just a well forgotten classic?

Some statistics(not sure how accurate) showing, a whopping 80% of man apparently, prefer curvy women. For those who have "curvy- definition" challenges, should be specified that curvy is more related to the shape of the woman, and not so much to her weight. Thus curvy doesn't mean fat.

Seemingly, the hourglass figure is the new "bunny" in town.

So, where does all that leaving us ... Keeping fit is a must, and healthy is always attractive,but do we strive to be skinny or should we eat the desert?



Which shape lady is the most popular in the escort world , "the skinny hottie" or "the curvy vixen", and WHY?


Most probably the answer will be-  The girls with the good attitudes, high spirits and smiling faces are the "Winners" . And WHY...that's just a "Big-Juicy- Smoothie" of different tastes, personalities and hormones, with "the need of sexual validation" as the main ingredient.

As the Russian say "Hа вкус и на цвет товарищи нет" - meaning -"Every person has its own taste"


When it comes to the escort industry, and from all observations, there isn't really a front runner type.

Curvy girls are among the highly marketable and widely desirable.

Is it because the curvy escorts are more sexually attractive, perceived as more approachable, or is it just  "behind-the-scene" craze?...

Many gorgeous, skinny, model-like escorts, are also extremely popular and mostly chosen by the "elite".

Is it the stuck up, ego male with low self image issues and insecurities ,who's reaching for the "stars", is it individual taste, maybe slim woman are more romantically attractive, or is it the pressure of society's approval?


The conclusion will be- People( male or female) who are mainly hung up on physical traits, miss the point by a mile. For everyone beauty translates differently, but the ones who prefer Attitude as a "main dish", will forever be happier and have much more fun. 



Celebrate yourself , no matter of the shape and size and don't forget to smile!





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