Hate Me if You Can

September 17, 2017


Dealing with rude people, with no manners and tact can be frustrating and displeasing. It requires self-control and a big dose of optimism to avoid anger or sadness in those situations.

And even though, we are all guilty of losing our temper or expressing some form of rudeness on occasion, there is a whole world of cruel, relentless simpletons out there.


With the rise of telecommunications, the increase of offensive, disrespectful behaviour has been multiplied many times. This way the hostile, cowardly people find it much easier to express their lack of respect for others. It is easier to be audacious when no one is looking at you directly. Usually, those people are dealing with their own issues and insecurities, and in many cases, rudeness is just a form of self-preservation.

But, there is something sinister about the person with no self-worth. When such people detect confidence and conviction, they turn into arrogant barbarians.


In my current profession as a paid companion, I am answering 20-30 phone calls and even more emails, text and whatsapp messages every day. It can be quite overwhelming, even if I was only to deal with good mannered people. I'm always trying to be as brief, helpful, professional and polite as possible but, I have to admit, at times keeping my composer is a challenge.

I do understand that, while I speak to many people, to most of those people I am the only London escort to communicate with on that day.

I stay away from judgement and keep myself open and understanding. Many men do not realise the implications connected to this business, and they are not obliged to.

I have a lot of screening to do to stay safe and comfortable, and not everyone has the best intentions.

I try to remember that sometimes rudeness is inspired by a bad day, rushing, personal issues, past experiences etc., and I do not take rudeness personally. Everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt.

But when someone repeatedly makes bad comments, just because of his disagreement with my 

conduct, services, outlooks or opinion - it is easy to get upset.

I usually take away the power, by pointing that this "problem" they have, has in fact nothing to do with me, and choosing to ignore further discussions and interactions.

However, I can not see how my approach to new clients or what boundaries