Travel Delights

September 13, 2017


Playing 'Vasco da Gama' with my clients has been the most fulfilling and memory' rich experience in my life.

It has widen my horizons. It has thought me patience. It has made me more spontaneous and lively. It has given me courage and confidence. It has shaped me, as ME, the way I am today.


Surely someone would argue, that travelling with loved ones and doing what you want is better. But the truth is- The excitement of going somewhere you haven't planned, getting involved with completely unfamiliar activities and exploring the world through the eyes of a person from a different background than your own, while discovering your ability and flexibility as a human...That, is an unbeatable adventure!


I have never travelled outside of Central London with someone I am meeting for the first time. Usually when going on a trip, I already know the gentleman and we have established good communication and chemistry.

I have travelled as an escort companion, to many different countries in the past 2 years, and every trip has its own identity, but believe me when I say -  all trips brought me memories I will cherish forever. 


Is it challenging, travelling with a client and being their paid escort companion?....Hm!(thinking)

Trying to stay composed when his naughty hand is touching my leg, under the dinning table or figure out how to get up before him in the morning to fluff my hair, controlling the urge to dance around the gorgeous hotel room and jump on the bed on our arrival, deciding which bikini will make my behind sexier, figuring out the TV menu in Japanese, while munching on the welcoming bon-bons - if you consider all those as challenges, then, YES...sure, quite challenging!


Any regrets about travelling as an escort?...LOL

By all means, I am not a shopper. I find shopping an empty, annoying and tiring experience. But let me tell you, in preparation for my trips, when the excitement kicks in and the dreams of perfection take over - I turn into a possessed shopping junkey.

Imagining all the places I would visit, the long indulgent dinners and many interesting activities I would participate in -  all fuel into my shopping cart.... Unfortunately this craziness often leaves me with an extra luggage charges and a suffering credit card account. That is just about all the regrets I've had regarding travelling as an escort.  

Have I learned from my mistakes, and stay in a calm shopping mode when a trip is approaching?

....Of course, NOT!


I love every minute of my travels. From the invitation to the random, crazy shopping. From packing my suitcase for days to the champagne on the plane. From exploring new destinations, cultures and cuisine to the snugly evenings and all-night long conversations. From the loud clubbing nights to the passionate early mornings. From the fear of not being, looking or acting perfect to the emotional connection and bond with "my man"....every moment makes history. My history!

Every second of those trips have been filled with pleasure and joy, and I even tear up, when thinking about it. .

Do I sound profound?....Well, the experiences I've had are nothing less than that.


Happy travelling everyone.... and don't forget to smile!


Nicole xxx





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