Simple guide to the "Rolls-Royce" Client List

September 8, 2017


  • Expect your chosen escort to want to screen you a little for her own safety. She will appreciate if you show her, you care for your safety too. Research your escort, read her website and descriptions, her reviews, Google her phone number and look at her social media before you contact her.


  • Be punctual for you appointment. Give your escort a notice if you think you will be late.


  • Don’t overstay your appointment time. As much as you are enjoying each other's company, she might be having another appointment, and it will be very uncomfortable, for both of you, if she has to ask you to leave. If you would like to stay longer, ask her. If she agrees, be prepared to pay the rates for the extra time


  • Do not ever discuss services or money in person. If you have any questions, better ask them prior to the appointment. Familiarise yourself with what's on "the menu" and do not deviate.


  • Refer to the fees as gift and place them in a visible place immediately after your arrival. Don't ever put your escort in a position to ask


  • Enjoy your time and don’t put yourself under pressure to last longer or blow her mind with your sexual skills. An hour of frustration is not enjoyable for anyone.


  • Always practice immaculate hygiene. No one likes spending intimate time with smelly people.


  • Do not ask for unprotected services, this is offensive. If you escort offers those, leave immediately. She is a health risk to you.


  • Be respectful at all times. She is an escort, not a robotic doll. She is a woman like any other, and if your aim is to please her, read the cues.


  • Arrogance is always ugly. Showing off your money or your status means nothing for an escort. She doesn’t care who you are, as long as you treat her well and show appreciation for her effort you will be liked. If you would like to impress her, be a gentleman, be generous - small gestures go a long way. From a simple rose, to a tiny box of chocolate or a tip, your appreciation will shine. Remember the better your escort likes you, the more effort she will put into making your experience enjoyable.


  • Gratitude and good attitude are key. Spare few minutes for a brief conversation, text a "Thank you" or write a short review. She has made a lot of effort to look great for you and spoil you in a safe environment , she is grateful for your visit, be grateful too.


  • Smile!




    Happy "Rolls-Royce-ing" Gentleman and don't forget to smile!



    Nicole  xxx




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