Digging into the "Danger Basket"

September 23, 2017



Many men hire professional escorts (meaning upscale, high-cost intimacy providers, who work by appointment). Single people trying to stay away from emotional attachments, or in search of something new and exiting. Married or attached people, who's relationships lack intimacy and adventure, or are simply too afraid to ask their partner for what they want. The clientele of every escort is quite diverse, and since professional escorts see such wide spectrum of men, from all walks of life, and have more intimate encounters than other girls, the health risk they bring is presumably higher.

Every sexually active person is aware of the health risks connected to sex and know that, every intimate partner is a potential health risk, it matters not if they are paid or not. Learning and practising safe sex is the best way to protect your self 99% of the time.

According to research, having casual sex is riskier than having escort sex.

It is more likely to get infected with STDs with regular dating and one night stands, than with an escort service. Most escorts are professionals, who take their sexual health much more seriously than the average girls. 

Escorts often are at low risk for most STDs. However, this depends on the individual escort, on her selection of low- risk clients and consistent use of condoms.

For example. Younger single clients, clients who drink excessively, take drugs, go clubbing often or clients who ask for unprotected oral or vaginal sex are considered high-risk clients, and it is assumed they are often exposing themselves to unprotected sex with random partners. Such high-risk individual are denied by the high-class escorts.

High-class escorts are checked frequently for STDs, and tests are scheduled regularly or immediately after, case of a "condom accidents". Whether you are having sex with an escort or not, a condom can break. There is inherent risk that comes with sex, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

The only way to never be at any kind of STDs risk, is to never have sex.




Please read that very detailed article bellow, about how to practise safe sex and protect yourself from STDs.