An "OrGscar" Performance

September 15, 2017

Do escorts fake orgasms and why? How can you tell if they do?


I am sorry to have to disappoint you right from the start, but all women fake orgasms sometimes, not only escorts. The only reason escorts do it more frequently, is because they have more sexual adventures.


The best way to discourage fake orgasms, is if you stop pressuring the escorts to have them.

Orgasms are not included in the service menu, and paying for them is not an option.

Your escort does not OWE you an orgasm, and some important behaviours on your part may help you fight the uncertainty of a fake one. Most escorts are under the impression that by faking an orgasm, they are living up to client's expectations

The way to guarantee an escort’s endings will not be faked- is to not make her feel as , if she gives up the "acting", will be failing you.


Pleasing a woman is an Art. Escorts are women. Be an "Artist" 

You need to know the woman's body, read the cues and detect personal desires, connect to her mind and trigger her intuition.

Sounds too complicated and arduous? ...Then, expect an "orgasmic performance"


It is quite unlikely for a woman to orgasm through intercourse alone. After 30 minutes of thrusting, the only thing you will be presented with, is a loud, seemingly convincing "empty silky bow box" orgasm


It is essential for both parties to feel desired and comfortable during sex and even if that is evedent, there will be no guarantees.


When famous magazine ELLE, held an interview with some women from the porn industry, asking them about faking orgasms , this is what they said :


Full article here:



"I personally try to make every orgasm real. I want the experience to be real for the viewer. How can I expect you to have a real experience if I'm not experiencing it myself? You do your best to make it as genuine or real as possible. Or at least, I do…The easiest way to tell if it's real is a flush. If the girl is not turning red, she's probably faking it. You can't control blood flow...Porn is a fantasy. A lot of the things we do on camera you should not attempt at home."—Jenna J. Ross, performer


"I want them to really come. I don't want them to fake it. I want them to go as hard as they need to go until they have an orgasm. For me, that's what I want to see in the final product, and I want my performers to have fun! If they're not having orgasms, then half the fun of their job is gone. Sometimes the chemistry wanes or it's an exhausting day. It's hard sometimes. In those cases, I'll tell them to forget about their own pleasure and give pleasure to the other person."—Kayla-Jane Danger, director (primarily directs girl-on-girl films)


"I would say the majority of the time it's fake. Because when you're filming it's sort of like, a watched pot never boils. It's a lot of pressure and it's difficult to focus on really enjoying it enough when you have to think about how your body's turned and where the camera's at. It's very difficult, at least for me, to have a real orgasm when I'm filming. It happens occasionally—and it always does take me by surprise." –Brooklyn Chase, performer




Scientist's studies state:  “Orgasm is a very complex function that involves the whole autonomic system and a huge amount of brain activity,” - That about, sums it all up!



And even though chemistry and attraction play a big role in any sexual encounters,unless you are willing to include the required effort, the answer to the question- Do escorts fake orgasms? ...will always be YES!



Enjoy the "OrGscars" and don't forget to smile!






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