For Richer or For Poorer?

September 14, 2017


It is wildly believed that women love money, and only interested in rich men.

It is even more widely discussed if that is in fact the reality.

Some women argue, rich men are arrogant, and the only thing they have to offer is money.

Others, see rich men as the smarter, more achieved individuals, who can provide them with status and security.

 We are living in times where shallowness is the norm, and women are not at all encouraged to be lady-like. The majority of the current male-dominated society treats attractive women as sexual objects, attempting to extract all creativity out of the intuitive women.

But, if society stops generalising for a moment and looks closely in the core of this issue, perhaps it will find out that men love money just as much as women (if not more), the only difference being for the longest time, men have had substantially more of it. Money is power. Everyone is attracted to power.

If the tides turn in the next 50-60 years, and women start earning more money than men, you'll see a reversing trend where women are asking - Why men "love" money?

Comes down to the individual situation and person, after all.

Attempting to treat a strong, independent woman as an object will result in failure, and using emotional maturity as currency in endeavour to attract a "gold-digger", is absurd.

The verse, "The one who seeks finds" applies perfectly.


So, how is all this "love for money and status" applicable to The Escorts?

All escorts work for money, but so is the rest of the world.


Do escorts only see, or want to see rich man?

The immediate, surface level answer, will be - YES, but then again that answer, will be generalising some 15 000 women, in London alone. 


Are escorts all the same, just because they trade under the same profession? 

The greedy, shallow nature of some escorts prevails and they always looking to mingle just with the "elite", but positively, those are the girls who act and think exactly the same outside the industry.


How is an escort aff