Marketing Veil

September 27, 2017



The Escort industry, is one of the largest entertainment industries in the world. It is a lucrative business that generates a lot of money each year. Today more and more people are looking for, and able to afford high-class escort services.

As internet is changing considerably the way business is done, escort services and becoming progressively digital-ised. 


There’s a lot of competition in London's escorting world, and to be successful in the industry, we(escorts) have to manage our digital marketing and promote ourselves to the best of our ability.

One way to have an edge over the competitors is to have a Personal website, where prospective clients can discreetly explore our services, fees and profiles.

To accomplish the desired results, we have to overlook many details, like- SEO optimisation and keywords, social media, listing, blogging and most importantly -online advertising.
Clients like shopping around and usually look at many online ads before making an appointment with one London escort. To get more exposure and attract attention, our ads need to be enticing and very well written. 

While creating our ads, we have to conform to a certain escort mannerism. But the way, sometimes, we depict ourselves in our advertising can be delusive.

We label us as "exclusive", "high-class" and "luxury" , and that could easily denote arrogance.

It is not wrong to assume that calling ourselves "upscale" implies we are better, but that assumption is far from the truth. It is not our ego that drives us to write in this manner.

All those captivating, flashy terms have very ambiguous meaning and the industry constrains us of using them.