The "Cinderella Effect"

September 22, 2017


I remember when I initially began considering the escort industry. The very first thing I did, was browsing trough the picture galleries of the escort agencies.

I was enchanted- pages and pages of gorgeous women with stunning, flawless faces, perfect slim bodies, delicate lingerie and glamorous surroundings. 

I thought - 'Oh Drear, maybe escorting isn't for me after all'. I didn't know how to digest that sudden worry ...I have always believed, I tend to fall somewhere near average. I was not a model with immaculate body and perfect features, I eat carbs and my face is nowhere near resembling Grace Kelly. The type of lingerie I owned, was spelling comfort - not sex-appeal, and the description of my apartment was not exactly - Glamorous.


I have never been a very competitive person, and I've mostly been happy and content with myself. Usually, embarking on a new adventure, is exciting and something I am looking forward to. 

Well - not this time.

I was nervous about the implications of meeting random men, mental and physical health risks and social reputation. Imagining all the alternations I need to do to my current life, to accommodate such venture, was overwhelming, and I often had to remind myself of all the financial benefits and time flexibility, in order to keep focused. 

However difficult, I could do what depended on me alone.

I could couch myself to be all the things I had to be, but I knew I couldn't teach myself to be a Perfect looking women. I look how I look.

I do take care of my body by eating healthy and exercising, but that doesn't change my genetics.

I am skilled in applying make up, but that doesn't reshape my facial features.

I will not grow taller and transform into fairy Goddess, if I buy a bunch of sexy lingerie.

And my apartment won't be magically turning into an interior design heaven.

So, I was expecting to give up on the "escorting idea" , when the owner of the escort agency I was aiming to work for, assured me I am good enough for the job. She told me, after I see my professional pictures I wouldn't be so worried anymore, and no escort is as glamorous in their everyday life as they are on their pictures.

Ok, all this sounds convincing.

 I am beginning to understand, that