"Price tag" Candy

September 11, 2017


Why do Escorts in London have different fees, and what determines those fees?


 Many factors contribute to the price tag of the escorts in London, and as all girls are different so are their fees.


The fee of an Agency escort for example is often guided by the Agency it self, or if the escort has chosen her own fee, there is close connection to the amount of commission she pays back to the agency. So basically, the fee is structured on what the escort would like to earn per appointment plus the agency's commission.

Agencies in most cases charge 40-50% commission for their services. Many escorts find it much more suitable for them to sign with an agency because of all benefits the agencies offer, such as advertising, wider client base, screening both escorts and clients for insuring satisfaction and safety on both sides,booking management, travelling etc 

Some escorts offer services which are rare and more specialised (A level,CIM etc) or services which are connected to providing specific equipment ( hiring of Dungeon room, Uniforms) , hence their higher fee.

Fees can also be closely related to the incall location of the escort. Many girls have higher fees to be able to afford providing a Central London location for their clients. Only the rent charges for an hour appointment in Central London location can set the escort back with up to £200.00 


Price can be affected by consumptives, in some cases where the escort provides erotic massages-high quality natural oils, extra sets of towels and sheets, candles, aromas etc are all contributors to the fee.

High -class escorts tend to be more expensive, but the reasoning behind it also varies. Many high-class escorts spend large amounts of money on their image, grooming, high quality lingerie, designer ware, high end apartments in top London locations. Some simply prefer to mingle with the "elite".

Others are intelligent young women in Universities or following an artistic career , they are not full-time escorts and the higher prices compensate the little volume of work.

You can find travelling escorts, who are visiting London for a very short period of time and their aim is to get as many clients as they can, spending as little as possible for their stay. Their fees tend to be much lower to attract wider audience.

There are escorts, who base their fees purely on the demand. They advertise different fees for themselves and find out which is the most demanded by the majority of clients.