To Gift or Not to Gift....

September 10, 2017


Why some men in relationships choose to go to escorts? 


When a relationship is first starting, sex is exciting and spontaneous and couples often rip each other's clothes off in the throes of passion. After some years into the relationship, sex becomes far more transnational, and the only reason one is going to find clothes scattered all over the bedroom, is because laundry hasn't been done in few days.

The entire sex scene ends up playing out like Brexit negotiations " If you give me "fee movement", I will give you good deal" , and positively these aren't exactly kinky moves they are swapping.

While many women would say- " The way to the man's heart is through his stomach" , many men are certain- "The way to the woman's panties is through gifts"

Spoiling your woman is vital for your sex life, but choosing the right gift takes time and knowing your lady's "desires" more than your own. When choosing a gift and just by looking at it, what comes to mind should be thoughts like- "Oh, she is going to scream when she sees that", and you better be sure she will love it, or you should get you a hand lotion too...Cause you definitely gonna need it (wink-wink)


Many men in relationships find it less troubling to pay for an escort. and have the sexy time they need, rather than dwelling on the right gift for their "sexual transaction" at home. Often an escort is the less expensive and less time consuming option.




Make the right gift choices Gentlemen... and don't forget to smile!


                                                                              Nicole xxx