September 21, 2017



"We danced our youth in dreamed-of city

Venice -Paradise proud and pretty

We lived for love and lust and beauty

Pleasure then- our only duty

Floating them 'twixt heaven and earth

And drunk on plenty's blessed mirth

We thought ourselves eternal then

Our glory sealed by God's own pen

But paradise we found is always frail

Against man's fears will always fail " -  Veronica Franco ( 16th century Courtesan and Poetess) 



Am I really happy and confident as a Courtesan or have I programmed myself into thinking and showing I am?

Is the escort industry affecting me or I am only affected by my ego? 

Am I ME or am I my alter ego, Nicole - The Modern Courtesan(escort)? What defines me- Who I am or What I do?


I have been interested in some new innovative digital technologies lately, and for some time now, doing a lot of reading and researching about it. ( yes, not exactly what you expect from an escort girl)

Attending one tech presentation last night, and not leaving straight after, but staying to mingle brought me some serious food for thought...

Who am I really? Am I happy within mine and the outside worlds? Am I scared of judgement? 


What triggered that flow of thoughts, was the overwhelming discomfort I felt. I was surrounded by men- not at all unfamiliar to me, but in a that different environment, where I wasn't the one "holding the power", I