Temporary Girlfriend

September 6, 2017




I always refer to myself as a Temporary girlfriend rather than an escort (dirty, dirty word).


Many gentlemen have no desire to meet with an escort in London. Escort appointments can be quite disappointing and not always safe. However, ALL men are in need of a Temporary girlfriend every now and again, and the Temporary girlfriend (GFE) experience never fails to tickle those very deep senses of content and fulfilment.  This wonderful kind of girlfriend is fuss free, moaning comes only in a sensual form, she stays in the same shape you meet her, and the "exchange" of love is a simple and straight-forward process, not to mention far more affordable than any other form of relationship. 

London is an expensive city. Having a simple first date with drinks and dinner, can cost you easily in the upper £000. Sexy private time is rarely on the menu or when it is, you may simply not be into that kind of "meat". Seriously, in today's stressful and busy life, who whats to worry about being judged while trying to have some fun?  ... and absolutely no one wants to endure the dry personality, and endless games of some self-proclaimed beauty queen, who is more interested in checking her social media than laughing at your jokes.

Having the need to escape from all responsibilities for couple of hours is only human, and engaging in complicated love affairs is definitely not on everyone's agenda. Here comes the need for the never boring Temporary girlfriend again. Safe, sexy, uncomplicated fun and much less financially irritating than the new Dining table your partner just bought.


Happy Temporary Girlfriend-ing everyone..... and don't forget to smile!


Nicole xxx