Dinner date Galore

September 18, 2017


The popularity of Escort dinner dates in London is increasing fast. Travelling businessman, busy lonely professionals, ladies' men with attachment issues, gorgeous intelligent escorts and the abundance of amazing restaurants- all contributing factors to the indulgence of an Escort dinner date .

While choosing a suitable escort for your dinner date can be somewhat challenging, it is a walk in the park compare to choosing real life first date. Just few of the advantages, I would like to mention here


- your date will be stunning and immaculately groomed without a doubt

- you won't be "under interrogation" the entire evening

- sexy time is guaranteed

- no annoying messaging for weeks to come

- you don't ever have to see your date again, if that's what you wish



I can honestly say - Dinner dates in London are my favourite activity.

I have been on more than 40 dinner dates in my life as Courtesan, and they were all, without a miss, exciting and joyous occasions.

The only date I can remember spending even a second looking at my watch, and being concerned about time was when the client I was with, had to fly back to US that same night.


I am a foodie and can completely lose myself in an indulgent gourmet experience with a side dish of wonderful company. The only other thing, I am more excited about, is getting ready for it!

Every dinner date is different and every gentleman has a different idea of how to spend their time in London. 

One client, who comes to London every 2-3 months takes me to a Show and dinner every time. Sometimes he surprises me, and sometimes he lets me be the organiser, but at the end of every date, I am already looking forward to the next one. 

With another client, we go to the same restaurant every time he is in London, and that is our Signature date- so much fun, so many wonderful memories of heated discussions and laughter.

I also had a client, who use to take me out almost every Saturday for over 6 months in a row, and the dates always started with drinks in his hotel bar and moving to the London's new vibey hot spot restaurants. We were having so much fun, giggling and dancing the nights away. Went repeatedly to many places, some porters even remembered us and thought we were a couple.

I have a French client , who fly's( or train) me to Paris every now and again for dinner - those dates are always magical. After dinner he books hotel for me, but