Finding "Nemo"

September 7, 2017



Escort Sex is a slippery little beast isn't it? It is like a big idea for a new venture - you can picture it perfectly in your head, but when it comes down to execution, it never feels exactly how you thought it would be. When you are dating someone new, it is easy to get anxious about their thoughts on your kinks, or whatever it is that you are insecure about intimately. Escort sex however, is a hedonistic indulgence and since you may or may not see that person again, why care what they think of you wanting something unusual or slightly weird? Tell them exactly what you want, and make sure you find the provider who can deliver it. Most important thing to be clear about, before visiting a London escort, is your inner desire while keeping realistic expectations. Are you looking for a quick sex only, is it kinky stuff you are after, do you want to be dominated, is it intimacy and companionship you long for? Determine exactly what you want, and then find the right lady, it will surely avoid disappointments.

When browsing the net in search of a passionate experience with intellectual connection, stopping at a profile of a Gorgeous girl in vinyl catsuit, with descriptions such as, "Juicy pussy for your hard cock" or " A-level porn star" , should be a big warning sign. Yes, she might be quite stunning, but does she has the capability of delivering the affectionate interlude you are after?...

On the same not, looking for a dirty talking girl, with slutty attitude, who has all services on the menu, but  in fact contacting a sophisticated looking lady, who has mentioned in her profile that discussing sexual services is ungentlemanly, and only chemistry is the lead for a free thinking woman in the that will only lead to a unpleasantness. Be realistic and honest with yourself!

Booking a 30 minutes appointment with an escort that offers "quickies" and a price tag of sixty quid, and then expecting her to welcome you into a castle, make love to you and moan with passion while having a genuine orgasm, is almost as absurd as her expecting you to be George Clooney, buy her Porsche, and only stay for an hour of sweet conversation.

Not every escort is a great companion with added sensual services, some are just hookers. Understand the difference. Reading carefully the descriptions of the lady who catches your eye, and know exactly what you are after, that will be the perfect winning formula for an amazing sensual experience.


There is plenty of fish in the sea, but don't expect finding "Nemo" , while fishing in a muddy carp dam.


Happy fishing everyone...... and don't forget to smile!


Nicole xxx