Golden Temptation Vs Dark Mystery

September 28, 2017


Statistics in the London Escort industry propose, Blonde Escorts are more popular and in demand.

This really seems "far-fetched", and encouraged me to research it further. I wanted to know if men really prefer blondes, and if I can detect the logic behind it.

Besides, I find the never ending, popular discussion 'Blondes vs Brunettes' to be extremely entertaining.


When, for example, a popular TV show' host asked famously gorgeous actress Sofia Vergara ( she is a natural blonde, but had to die her hair darker in the beginning of her career, to conform with the idea of Latina Looks) - 'Who has more fun, blondes or brunettes?' .. Sofia answered - "The girls with the bigger boobs".



It's a classic assumption - Blondes are more sexually attractive and have more fun, and Brunettes are smarter and posses deeper mysterious beauty , but is that the actual reality? Do men prefer blondes or brunettes?


Since, the hair colour doesn't  have any special powers or qualities, and cannot dictate intelligence, sensuality or how much life can be enjoyed, one would think- hair colour should be relatively low on men's selection criteria. However, some studies show that hair colour is, in fact, influential to the men's choice of woman. Many researches have been dedicated to finding the reasoning behind man's choice of hair colour.

The latest Western world researches suggest, the modern male scope of beauty has formed into the "girl-next-door" look , and  that, a whopping 69% of men prefer Brunettes.

Brunettes are seen as more intelligent, achieving higher social stature, having better earning potential, and therefore - a more desired "wife-material". As other reasons why brunettes are more appealing to them, men pointed- shiny, touchable, natural hair and higher sex drive.

But, if the larger male population prefers brunettes, why are Blondes so popular, why do so many of us, women, spend ridiculously long hours in the hair salons trying to fake Blonde?

Yes, most of us, do fake it , since the natural light blondes are something like 1% of the population, and probably all live in Sweden.

Is it a popular believe that "Gentleman prefer Blondes" , or is it just a famous movie title?

Maybe the most famous blond icon of all times- Merilyn Monroe is the one that sets the blonde standard. She did play a significant role in the celebration of Blondes in the world. Perhaps, her looks and  her famous movie characters stipulated the general outlook for the blondes.

.Blondes are viewed as playful, flirtatious,youthful, friendly, easy approachable, less serious i.e dumb, Bombshell aka curvy and sexy. 

Based on all those qualities and the basic human psychology, men choose blondes to avoid intimidation, rejection and competitive pressure.

They assume, talking and flirting with a blonde is effortless. Men also feel, less need of personal sophistication and intelligence to be successful with the light headed women.

And since the curvy body is not the modern norm of beauty, they will have less competition going for a blonde bombshell.

Turns out, the adopted view of "Men have fun with blondes, but marry brunettes" may actually be true. What do you think?


I personally, remain unconvinced and feel, men's preferences of hair colour widely vary, depending on geography, ethnicity, traditions and most of all personal taste. But since I am a Blonde, it may just be a "blonde moment". 





Choose your colour.... and don't forget to smile!


Nicole xxx






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