Morning coffee thoughts

May 23, 2020


Forever blessed is the eternal optimism of small minded individuals who think they can have a woman's undivided attention and praise when they slap her with few tiny material gifts. In good days, I feel sad for such ignorance and in bad days, I feel pity. I can understand that the world has lived in a culture that has promoted male supremacy for way too long, but that sense of empty entitlement is beginning to slowly crack under the evolution of modern life. Mending the fragile egos of insipid homo-stultus is no longer a woman's responsibility. When a lady generously awards a man with couple of laughs or occasional compliments, that is not to be taken as permission to abuse. If lonely take a dog, if insecure, work on yourself, if unstable, hire a therapist, if dense, well, unfortunately that's incurable. Contrapuntally, it never ceases to amuse me how the human failures are always managing to improve my life. The more insignificant brains cross my path, the more I appreciate the brilliant-ness of the worthy ones. It makes me smile with joy when thinking of all those incredible men around me. Their indifference to this toxic masculinity and ego-centric despair, their grace, forbearance and the calm, gentle nature of their demure generosity. 




Stay amazing my Lovelies! You know who you are....and don't forget to smile!


Nicole xxx


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