Stepping down?

May 9, 2020


As someone who has continuously tried to suppress their highly analytical and sometimes, annoyingly philosophical nature as to seem more in tune with the modern world and to serve better her lovely Alter ego Nicole, I kind of had fun with social media at the very preface. Few months in and I am beginning to recognise that it wasn't really fun, but rather just a vivid curiosity. How it all works, what is the purpose, is it real, why is everyone on it, the algorithms, the hacks, what can I do with it, the whole enchilada. Even far from holding the answers on all those probes, I can confidently acknowledge that with every passing day my curiosity and interest are evaporating at an alarmingly high speed. Suppressing slightly one's personality is way too inadequate with the demand of blind ignorance that being on social media requires. I am capable of admitting that the 'niche' Nicole is currently in, is not exactly cheering intelligence or class, but the inability of the audience to grasp any concept of allure or pleasure, unless it comes in the shape of a bosom, is staggering. The entire platform is just a very dull way to waste your time, and quite frankly, I rather do anything else. On one side there is, in abundance, a pompous display of pretence with a touch of hoi polloi pizzazz and on the other, frustrated, lonely, bored and highly unskilled in etiquette and rational okes. Does Nicole really want to be a part of it? She doesn't usually mind stepping down a little in the light of achieving some not-so-needed social recognition, but I'm not sure that even two levels below water are enough to keep her as boorish as social media requires her to be. Perhaps, in lock-down all those imprudent actions can be tolerated, but as real life slowly returns so should Nicole with her common sense. 

I am actually questioning if social media can do more damage than good to Nicole? The influx of un-suitors can be easily ignored virtually, but in real life it can really become an ultra annoying operation. And while I leave Nicole to figure it all out, I will enjoy the company of the very few good people I've met on there.



To social media or not to social media, that is the question....what's not a question is that everyone must not forget to smile!


Me xxx




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