April 27, 2020


Back in the good old days, I mean just few weeks ago, indulging in a lovely restaurant meal was just a way of life. I could mindlessly stroll down the street at any time of the day and be met by the boundless variety of cuisine and atmospheric grandeur that London has to offer. Breakfast at The Ivy, coffee and macaroons at Cafe Concerto, lunch at Wolf&Lamb, fresh smoothie at Borough Market, afternoon tea at Claridge's, dinner and show at Park a devoted foodie and sucker for posh interiors, I could never starve my taste or visual buds. That was, of course, only when an occult deadly virus wasn't ready to feast at my lungs every time I showed my face out the front door. This little bugger has quickly managed to turn my fine dining experiences into forbidden fantasy fruit. These days, I could only pamper myself with Haute cuisine in my fantasies. When a friend mentioned a lemon meringue souffle with pistachio ice cream yesterday, I think, I had a mini orgasm just imagining it melting in my mouth. I have fantasised about all kind of crazy endeavours before, but the food porn that preoccupies my mind these days, is nothing but a cold reminder of how fragile our human reality is. We walk the Earth like we are her Masters, yet we are nothing but her mere visitors. What these circumstances have brought to light is perspective. How fickle we are to think, no, to believe, that we are the sole creators of our lives. This is a stark reminder that we too can moulder into oblivion. That change is nature's delight, she bathes in its glory and basks in its warmth. What are we if not supplicants to her mercy. We live in an era of dissipation and frivolous behaviour, perhaps this illness is what people have needed, but never realised. Are we to squander our time, or find joy in the simplicity of being? Yet ignorance will never be in short supply. It is with gratitude for our past, present and future that I address this force of nature. The time to live is now.



Stay safe...and don't forget to smile!


Nicole xxx

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