It's worth it

March 24, 2020


For the last weeks, waking up in the morning feels like living in a parallel Universe. In this bizarre new normal we are quickly beginning to get an idea of the profound changes we need to make to how we live and interact, and just how long we would have to endure them. Bare streets, empty food stores, locked boarders, overwhelmed hospitals - there will be a serious cost to life and jobs around the world. Staring down the barrel to a major human devastation that will far surpass any financial meltdowns. The great paradox is that, to tackle this together we have to stay apart. Prevention is better than cure, as our only glimmer of hope right now is becoming responsible human beings while waiting for the medical experts to come up with a vaccine. We need to act like this is crisis before it becomes real, irreversible crisis. For a section of the postulation tough, the default position seems to be - it's not a big deal, lets get on with life, and perhaps, we all need a doze of that optimism but, I fear, this is exactly the attitude that puts ourselves and others at a much greater risk. One doctor described the gatherings of people who want to go around and enjoy the sunny spring days, as a collective suicide. All the medics tell us, there is only one certainty in the months that lie ahead - things will get worse before they get better.

As an active person, who is always in action, I find it challenging to be confined to my tiny London apartment, as a fellow human, I feel responsible for everyone around me, so staying at home is totally worth it. All we should do right now is hold on and give it our very best. Coming on top of a terrible situation is not about shutting down our humanity and being completely selfish, but adopting to the current new way of life and doing our bit in society. If we can help one person to eat or smile today- that effort it's worth it. If we can save one life today by not spreading further the virus - that effort it's worth it. If we can send a message of support and express gratitude towards all the key workers who are risking their lives for every and each of us - this effort it's worth it. If we can shield one vulnerable human by volunteering our time or doing their grocery shopping - that effort it's worth it. 


Let's all be good, responsible, caring, generous, empathetic, humane so that we can all smile at ourselves when all this is over! 


Nicole xxx