Covid-19 crisis

March 19, 2020


Dear All,


Unprecedented crisis are upon us and will affect everyone without exception.


Whether the value of your stocks are falling, have to self-isolate or fear for your family and friends, the reality of what we are facing is brought into focus with the frightening epidemiological projections, hence why we all need to be socially responsible and consider the people around us.


Logically we can understand that this will pass, however seeing shelves empty across stores is not a sight that anyone wishes to behold. Right now is not a time to panic, yet anxiety affects us all.


Your safety and wellness will always be my number one priority.  


As my work involves close proximity to people and travel around the world, I have decided not to see clients and cancel all my travel engagements until the Covid-19 outbreak is under control and we are all safe. It is by no means, a light decision to reject work. The thought is frightening for anyone to not receive a regular income for an unforeseeable amount of time, especially as responsibilities mount as a single parent and breadwinner. As responsible parents, we all know that our greatest concern is the security of our children.


I still want to see your smiles and share in your laughter once this storm has passed. I will miss our conversations and joyous moments, but for now we need to limit our physical contact. Anyone who still wants to remain in touch, feel free to send emails, whatsapp messages or call. All communications will be welcomed with much enthusiasm.


I cannot wait to spoil you all again when life resumes in the midst of all this madness.


Till then, it would be much appreciated if anyone would like to make a small support contribution. However tiny. Furthermore, if you wish to make an advanced payment (which will help tremendously) towards an appointment which you can utilise in the near future, please contact me via email or text to arrange. (Safe pay via Credit/debit card, Paypal, Transferwise or Bank transfer)


I would like to express my deepest gratitude in advance for your support and wish you all safety and peace in such uncertain times. 




Nicole xxx





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