Keeping up with social media

March 10, 2020


I've had Social media accounts for some time, but never really been active on them until recently. My presence was limited to an occasional pic on Instagram and a link to my new blog posts on Twitter. In January this year, I was reading a research, done by an American journalist and an ex-escort, on how important it is for everyone in the adult industry to participate in social media regularly. She was pointing out that the social media was allowing a better personalisation, customisation and marketing of yourself (as an authentic human behind the professional persona) to potential clients. Along with connecting to others on a more emotional level, social media is also a way to offer disclosures as a way to verify that you’re being real.

I like staying current and keeping up with all the latest industry developments, so it was a no brainier to begin boosting my presence immediately. Admitting to myself that I am completely clueless on how to navigate those Media Monsters was easy, learning how to do it, not so trouble-free. I am experiencing a déjà vu, remembering how torturous it was to get a grip on creating a website from scratch, writing suitable content, working with SEO and finding the right marketing strategies for my venture. Social media is another learning curve and it makes sense to hoist my PR skills a little, but those shiny platforms are like a colourful bubble that can easily burst under the pressures of every day life. Scrolling around aimlessly while waiting for my nails to dry and sipping on a nice drink, is wonderful; trying to come up with new content and keeping up with my followers, while juggling work, study and private life, not so wonderful. I've always smirked at people calling themselves 'Influencers' or employed as social media 'specialists', but now my smirk is quickly turning into an approving nod. It's an entire science behind those algorithms and hashtags. Having a successful page on any of the social platforms takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and it is not like my Alter ego (Nicole Amore) is not already excessively demanding. I am wondering if social media will not wear me down as fast as it excited me. Considering that I have to be glued to my computer and phone for many hours on an average day, I can't even laugh at people who think I make easy money. I've put so many hats on my head, I am beginning to look like the Lock & Co store. With that said, I can't complain (yet). I am gaining some new strengths of character along with media communication skills, boosting my website on Google, procuring some new admirers and last but not least, gaining many happy smiles along the way. Interesting to see where that new Social media journey will take me...



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