Coronavirus & Escort life

March 5, 2020


This Coronavirus is making an absolute mess of my travelling schedule. This weekend Mallorca -cancelled, Milan in mid April - cancelled, Hong Kong in early May - cancelled, now on a wait for Malta in June...

It is necessary to avoid travelling as the fear of pandemic is rising, but this is already having such a negative impact on all my international arrangements. With the latest jump in UK cases, looks like there is a strong possibility for my local diary suffering as well. As an Independent London companion, I am not prepared to handle few months of travel disruptions, but I am not keen on getting sick either. So, never-mind all the financial implications I am about to endure, I am not even sure how to successfully avoid getting sick. Washing my hands is something I am obsessed with anyway, and travelling on the Tube is not even a monthly occasion for me. Avoiding crowds- check, avoiding travel - check, avoiding careless people- now, that's somewhat challenging. We all know, common sense is like a deodorant - the people who need it the most, don't use it. I have no way of knowing who has been in contact with the virus. The incubation period apparently, could be up to 24 days (usually 14) and there are already reported transmissions on people who haven't travelled to infected areas. All and all, I am to lie low and wait for the 'storm' to pass, but wow...this year has been very turbulent thus far. January started with a big personal scare, which luckily got resolved fast, then all the storms and cancelled flights craziness around my travels in February, now Covid-19 is threatening to slap me. I know I am resilient, but can I please have a breather Dear 2020? 



Stay healthy, wash your hands ......and don't forget to smile!


Nicole xxx

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