Dinner date London

March 2, 2020




                               Professional, not Personal


Without a doubt, the Dinner date is my favourite professional engagement. For the record, I have never had a single bad one. I am specifying, professional, as the personal ones haven't always been as successful. I've had some pretty dull dinner partners who were so standard and vanilla, I almost had to slap myself to stay awake. I don't dabble into such personal ventures anymore. Most men, I've encountered out there are mostly boring and way too needy for my liking. I got tired of always being the bad guy just for wanting a casual union. I am a free bird, everyone who tries to clip my wings has to, immediately, be send to obscurity. Requesting too much of my valuable time and then asking me 'what's up my a**' , well isn't it obvious....a £90 polyester string which you are so eager to remove... (wink-wink)

Anyways, enough of this spiritless banter, let's get back to excitement.


Easy and we know it


Dinner dates with my trusted Temporary boyfriends aka Clients, on the other hand, must be the most enjoyable time I've spent in London all together. The laughs over old naughty stories and random gossip are often much more tempting even than the sumptuous desert menus, not to mention our tryst after it's especially invigorating. Every Dinner date has been an absolute bliss, even when it comes to initial appointments. It is easy to melt the ice between strangers over delicious food and a glass of Chablis. Even in cases where I don't immediately fancy my client physically, taking the time to discover that he is articulate, confident and flirty makes me interested enough to want to carry on unwrapping. After all, I am a woman and for a woman great intimacy has never been about looks. I also like how the paid Dinner dates are so flowy and without any unrealistic forecasts or false pretences. It's a simple arrangement, relatively short and with only one main objective - fun.

When the culmination to the evening is unambiguous and stripped of tomorrow's expectations, there is a subtle comfort in the air and the men's demeanour is so much more relaxed and authentic. 


Great anticipation 


Waking up on day of a Dinner date appointment is like having a coffee while someone is cooking you  a breakfast. There is a great anticipation with instantly attached feeling of satisfaction. On those days, I don't take other appointments, I don't do chores or run errands, I don't even bother picking up my phone. Relaxing, meditating, a slow yoga session, massage, bubble bath and 2 hour of frantic wardrobe activity is all that shapes up my routine for the day. All this energy preservation, however, is definitely not just to strike up a great conversation and eat some vegetables.

Getting naked and sweaty with a new date, having him tease me with an expert tongue and drive me a little wild, being pinned to the bed and banged enthusiastically: these are activities really worth saving my energy for, right up there with having good wine and smiling all night.



London's New Hot Spots


Davies & Brook

                                                       Brook Street, Mayfair, London W1K 4HR


One of the most highly-anticipated restaurants of the past year. The chef, Daniel Humm  has had the world's best restaurant under his be