Relish the world

February 17, 2020



                           Hundred reasons to be happy

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If there is one thing that can unify 100 reasons to be happy, it would definitely be travelling. It is the best remedy for any mental or physical exhaustion and the best way to appreciate our homes, our friends and our lives. Stepping outside the circle of love and the familiar comfort, often remind us the importance of having stability, family and friends. Being thrown into unexpected circumstances while travelling tests our resilience and ability to function as the well-rounded individuals we claim to be.

Travelling also offers us the opportunity to step outside of our well-worn, self-constructed, plebeian reality and provides us with a platform to explore and practice our ideal visions for ourselves - who we might be if we weren't married to our fears, safety anxieties, security and status.



The healthy exchange


Many people believe that travelling is only a privilege for the wealthy. They often obsess with the cost of flights, hotels and restaurant food while rushing to buy every new gadget on the market and surround themselves with useless clutter. Staying captive to this possession driven society, throws many into despair and debt only to realise that the happiness provided by new material possessions is really short-lived. Exchange your hard earned money for memorable experiences instead. No one can take those away from you, they don't create clutter and you can wear the smile from your memories every day, non like the expensive (already last season) suit. 



Take advantage of a Travel Companion



Every travel is a marvel, but imagine if you can add up to the joy of discovering new places, cultures and foods...The only way you can turn a great travel adventure into your best travel adventure is to share it with someone who would keep you smiling, gleeful and amused.

The sunrise is always lovelier with someone to hold, the hotel breakfast always tastier with someone's smile, the history of any place more compelling with someone knowledgeable, the sightseeing more memorable with someone to hold your hand, the view more mesmerising with someone leaning on your shoulder, the wine more delicious and the nights more intimate and romantic with someone who is there just for you.



My most recent pleasure quest


Despite the travel chaos caused by the weather over the past two weekends, I've really managed to travel safely and have the time of my life. I travelled to Porto and the city gifted me with as much excitement and smiles as I could handle. Every trip breeds new energy in me. It completely over-turns my emotions and transforms me into my most cheerful, delightful self. There is magic waiting to be discovered in every new destination and it never fails to touch my heart in exactly the right moment. This trip was literally a dream come true. It was a cold and gloomy November day (2019), I've spent refusing to give in to my rusty mood and instead daydreaming of trip to Porto. I was looking at pictures, researching hotels and museums and imagining the taste of the vintage port wine, when a friend called me and I shared my daydream. Now, thanks to my very Special friend, Porto is no longer a dream. Porto is a reality and one of the best trips of my life.

Thank you!