Escort Service vs Sensual Experience

February 6, 2020



Be clear of your desires


Many argue that the Massage-Escort industry is a Service industry, and they would not be wrong. By booking an appointment with a London Escort /Masseuse, one is not purchasing a product, but in fact a service. With that said, every client's desires and budget are different, just as every provider and her offerings. Same as - there are hundreds of places that serve food and are called restaurants, but one will not go looking for exquisite vegetarian dishes in a steak house, and a Michelin star chef would not be pushing entrées at £4.99 a plate. Everyone who considers booking an appointment with a provider has to firstly be clear of what is it that they are really searching for and can they afford it.

      Knowing what you want is the first step of getting it!



Tips on how to search


Fantasies are beautiful. No matter what yours are, don't let anyone tell you differently. Life is a gift, and living it to full capacity is everyone's duty. Looking to fulfil your fantasies must be a priority not a guilt trip.You deserve to feel joy, passion, excitement, ecstasy, affection... 

Looking for a paid companion doesn't mean you can't find a beautiful, sensual women who would adore you and bring you back to bliss, it means you are skipping the BS and making your life less complicated, while 'bagging all the goodies' fast. When you are searching be aware of descriptions and 'titles'. A provider who calls herself a 'Porn star' would not be into sensuality or an authentic GFE. After an opening line of 'Cheap escort' you will not find five star treatment, safety or high hygiene. 

Read carefully the profiles, after all, they are there to help you find what you are looking for!



Nothing is set in stone


One thing to keep in mind when you are reading a listing of escort services is that-  this is just a guide to what the provider is willing to do and not necessarily what she will deliver. It is smart to remember that anything that is forced and not consensual is prosecutable. As a client you are paying for time and companionship only. One way to ensure you receive everything on the menu is to be kind, polite, considered, generous and last but not least, to smell good. Discussing your fantasies before hand and making sure your girl is happy to deliver is one way of achieving satisfaction.

   Don't assume, ask!



Escort Service vs Sensual Experience


 Escort Services are all the aspects of sex that an adult provider is offering. Many of them can be achieved in 5 minutes, hence the Escorts who offer quickies and 30 minutes appointments. What an Escort provides is a relief. It is often quick, emotionless and rigid encounter. It is a very simple exchange. No surprise Escorts are more popular amongst the younger hobbyists who are still on a journey of personal discovery. A Luxury Companion does not offer services, she offers an experience. 

She opens possibilities and encourages new forms of excitement. One looks for a Companion when in need of more then just a physical relief. Wanting to reach deeper into your dreams and desires, wanting to experience real warmth and comfort, safety and quality. You can reach your ultimate sexual potential only when you feel appreciated and admired. Knowing you are desired and liked, and  that the intimate pleasures you are about to explore will be mutual and fully enjoyed, is far more valuable than any 5 minutes of top porn performance.

An Escort gives you sex, a Luxury Companion intimacy!