Escorts & Friends

February 1, 2020




              Don't count your chickens before they hatch


Unexpected moments that shake your entire existence are often a wonderful indicator of friendship or lack of it therefore. It never cease to amaze me, when crises arrive at our door how quickly the circle of friends shrinks to one, maybe two, if we are lucky.  

When life is going well and we are surrounded by joy and happiness, questioning people's integrity and humanity is never pointed at the ones we respect and feel close to. We assume automatically they do possess those, so important, human qualities. Our inability to detect indifference and insincerity is easier to ignore then to admit. 



                                                      Escorts & Friends


As a paid London companion, I've often been accused of insincerity even though I've met more insincerity in this profession than ever before in my life. I've been told that beautiful women can not be trusted and it is my job to pretend to be nice, while the pretending was rarely coming from me. 

I have always taken all such allegations with a smile, after all, I can not be upset with people's protective mechanisms. Proving I mean what I say is more important than repeating it countless times. My honesty has been unappreciated on many occasions, my good intentions abused, my generosity taken for granted, but I've never regretted giving my trust to the people I embraced as friends. 



                                                     Filled with Gratitude


Saying, I love hard times, may seem obscene to many, but it stands true for me every time. It is only when I experience a personal cataclysm that I get to really appreciate my life with all it's love, abundance and beauty. Those sudden, undesired upheavals are almost 'God sent' as to remind me how fortunate I am, as to propel me towards more gratitude and love. Though gratitude does not erase the strangles, it greatly helps me to strip away the narcissism and unreasonable self demands that impede my peaceful outlook on life. Difficult times, remind me to never forget to be grateful for the things that truly matter. 



                               The Special K-night in Shining Armour


I have met a lot of wonderful people in my current venture. I've shared many amazing experiences with all, but people come and go. I am the temporary entertainment, the dinner escort, the travel muse, I am the fleeting pleasure of life. Just when I thought I didn’t have neither need or desire for someone to call a true friend, the Universe delivered YOU! I’m blown away with your selflessness, your positivism, your strength, your character. Three years of laughter, shared secrets, sometimes tears, dreams and lingerie joys - I’ve been gifted, and my heart just swells with gratitude! Once again you showed me kindness, generosity and loyalty, you stood by me and held my hand from the start - Thank you! Thank you for the guidance, encouragement, understanding, diplomacy and all the wonderful memories you've awarded me with through the years!



                                                      The Smile Massage


Embrace what life throws at you, no matter how hard it may be, there are always lessons to be learned. Live everyday to the fullest and take as much joy as you can from every little thing around you. Remember - the present moment is a gift of life. Ignite your 50 shades of passion every chance you get. Derive pleasure from your own being. Travel and see the world. Welcome what you don't understand, and be kind to one another. Be spontaneous. Appreciate all the intelligent, giving, thoughtful, determined, fantastic people you call friends......and don't forget to smile!