10 Great Pleasures

April 23, 2019


Life is not always rock & roses, but it is always pretty amazing to be alive. I love the highs just as much as I love the lows. Being in stagnation is inevitably followed by excitement and high motivation. Newton's first law of motion is the one I always remember when things are not going my way. Once you move towards love, love move towards you. Once you choose pleasure, pleasure chooses you. 

Oftentimes we forget how much pleasure simplicity can deliver. Here are ten of my great pleasures in life. What are yours?



1. Morning sex 

Contrary to the popular belief that evenings are sexier, I beg to differ. I am an early bird, which means in the evening I am tired and sleepy and the last thing on my mind is playing around, but come morning, I am ready for all kind of sexy action...followed by my pleasure No2


2. Morning cup of aromatic coffee

Nothing beats that, not even shoes



3. Walk in the park 

It only gets better with the smell of freshly cut grass



4. Good food

Need I say more?



5. Fresh manicure

It's a woman thing...



6. Reading a book under the blankets on a rainy day

One can only imagine how many books I've read in London



7. Dancing

The easiest way to meditate. After dancing my mind is clear and my body is in sync with nature



8. An Art Exhibition or a walk in the museum/gallery

It makes me realise how insignificant every day issues are, but how important every and each human is in the making of history. It re-charges me with passion and love, it inspires me to think more, to listen, to see, to be real.



9. Feeling the sun on my skin

...as rare as that may be in London



10. Flowers

We all need good looking and smelling things in our lives, don't we?



Choose simplicity....and don't forget to smile!



Nicole xxx