Positive power

April 22, 2019


It is fascinating how clearly a person's character is revealed just by his opinion of others and the surrounding world. The positive person sees beauty in every corner and rarely thinks anything negative of others. It is so contagious. The fresh breeze of the happy person's good vibes can breed life even into the 'driest brunch', almost like the spring, and if you are ever wondering what is their secret - there isn't one actually. Those amazing humans simply project on others what they feel inside.

I've had a conversation about general happiness with many different people and it really never ceases to amaze me how easy is to determine someone's state of mind and personal values just by listening to their opinion. In my observations, all of the people who believed that a person can not experience full happiness in the presence of some life troubles or every day lows, were people who are deeply unhappy in their own lives. They were identifying happiness with overall life satisfaction without realising happiness is actually a state of mind while satisfaction is just the absence or presence of want. Satisfaction and happiness can go hand in hand, but a person can be satisfied and unhappy or visa-versa.

Happiness after all is a choice and satisfaction is a fulfilment or needs and desires. One can choose to love life and who they are, choose to feel the joy of the morning sun and the colours of nature, choose to laugh at the jokes of the miss-fortune, choose to see his mistakes as growth and be grateful for being alive, healthy and able to make them. Wants and desires however, could be often detrimental when fulfilled. We all know about the 80:20 rule, and what can happen when we act on this urge of having it all. 




Choose happiness....and don't forget to smile!



Nicole xxx



To my Special K


It is not only your ability to see my true nature and the generosity of fully embracing it. It is not the judgement free assessments and advise, neither is you echoing my spicy sarcasm and crazy attitude. It is not even the way you remind me to feel special, unforgettable and beautiful every day, but it is your pure soul and never-ending positivity, your larger than life character and beautiful mind that inspire me to be a better version of myself and to always look forward to your happy presence!



N x