My business model explained

April 20, 2019






Apparently my business model have perplexed part of my new audience lately. I have weird messages from non suitors, unable to handle rejection. Questions of ignorant nature, and same punters calling and emailing with different names in a quest for the truth behind my No.



To all past and future perplexed or confused:


I like clarity. Clarity in vision, goals, relations, thoughts, communications etc. I also see it as life transparency. Transparency eliminates assumption and we all know the assumption is the mother of all 'F' ups. To navigate any business successfully, learning and implementing lucidity is essential. It is an extremely valuable skill in the aim of achieving excellence and it is excellence, high skill and performance that are the building blocks of substance for every brand. Some people may argue, I do not have a brand, but those people either don't know what a brand is or are nothing more than small minded Luddites resisting progress. I do have a brand, I am my brand. I have carefully developed my very own business model. I have taken something old and familiar and have turned it to something new and surprising. I have pushed risk to metamorphose into safety, re-styled guilt into content, rendered services into experiences, revised relaxing time into lasting memories and forged personal bonds that have transformed lives. I've tailored my business to suit my vision and goals, while delivering value to the market. I am in the business of value exchange, NOT in the business of sex for money, and if that is a surprise to some, perhaps they should learn how to read first and then how to value their own time. I am very explicit in my presentation, clear in my intentions and realistic about my target market. There isn't much room for interpretations, assumptions and confusion unless the viewer is choosing ignorance. In that case my hands are tied. Whatever path my audience chooses to follow has nothing to do with me, but I do have a choice to offer my value in exchange of an equal or greater one.

Many mistake my transparency for marketing, but not because that is the obvious option, but because this is what they choose to believe based on pre-conceived ideas and stereotypes. Of course marketing is important for my business and for my brand and I do try my very best to market my value, but my marketing is based on actuality. I haven't created big words to advertise cheap existence, and haven't disguised a donkey as a unicorn. I have rather belittled the Luxury, Personalised, Unique companionship and attention I deliver, with words such as Escort, in the urgency for relevant marketing. Style is more important than substance initially, but without substance style is simply intangible. 

How I see it is, if someone doesn't value themselves highly enough to want to spend the time and learn about how possible it is to receive what they want, then why should I value them...or rather, what value would they bring to me?

If someone is thinking my vetting process for new clients is too long, takes too much effort and it's annoying or silly then this is their problem, not mine. They are the one devaluing themselves. They are the one undermining their own safety, pleasure, comfort and privacy. They are the one who believe they are not worth the effort. And how can someone like that possibly bring value to me?

Not finding it important enough to familiarise oneself with the initial steps and content, is the prospect's error. How does the consequence of that error become personal? It is NOT.

By marketing my brand I do look for prospects, but the clients are the ones contacting me. I have made my presentation, I have given education and I have delivered enough evidence for the authenticity of my value by the time the contact is made. The next step, naturally, is finding out how can I help, and if the exchange of value is lucrative for both sides.

After all this is a business. My