Crazy normal

February 7, 2019


I was told by a friend that I always have a 'crazy advice'. Apparently my normal others see as crazy. No news really, but my advice to her was no different that what many people are already practising every day. 

Last night my friend and I were having a lovely intercontinental Skype 'girls-night-in', with a glass of wine and the usual portion of laughter when the 'dating' subject came along. My friend is a gorgeous woman with immaculate body, and a stunning smile. She has an incredible spirit, intelligence and optimism and is one of the very few females that I consider absolutely amazing in every sense. She is 50, long time divorcee, has two grown up kids, a very successful career, beautiful house on a famous Golf estate and everything else that a woman can want...except for a man. Why she needs one is beyond me, but I've know her for 10 years and that has been the one thing she constantly battles with. 

It's said that age is just a number, but when someone as wonderful as my friend is observing that all eligible men her age want a much younger woman, that number becomes a burden.

What is it that steers men in the direction of women 20 or 30 years their junior ? Clearly they understand that common interests and love will likely not be part of the equation. Of course, there must be some exceptions...(maybe)..., but in majority of cases, only a certain social status and money will be the driving force behind the younger women's desire to enter into intimate relations with a much older man. Rarely, if never, a young woman is seen in a relationship with a poor old man, and since successful older men tend to be quite smart, they can easily figure out all the cons of dating a young woman. It really becomes obvious those men aren't  after love or anything wholesome. 

Looking at it from a realistic perspective, I think older men are after having less responsibilities, more fun and as bigger boost to their bruised by age ego as possible. They are wise enough to recognise that older women are serious and grounded, consumed by a lot of real life issues, difficult to impress, deceit or control, and unlikely to want to experiment or have sex every night; not fun.

Younger women, on the other hand, are bubbly and enthusiastic, easily impressed by expensive prezzies and trendy bars, tolerant to all kind of BS, curious and more than happy to add an extra morning session of lovey-dovey (or as I say lovey-duvet) time; lots of fun. A man in his 60's can hardly amaze anybody by walking in a restaurant with a 50 something year old woman, unless she is Madonna, but a lot of heads will turn if he has a 29 year old with perky boobs and tight dress on his arm. The validation of masculinity that comes with such a scenario must be totally exhilarating for a balding man with some extra weight on his waist.  With an older woman, such man has to develop and work on a loving relationship and we all know relationships can be complicated and often difficult. With a young woman, he can have an arrangement or a straight froward exchange of needs fulfilment and the only work involved will be reaching deep in his pockets and swallowing a Viagra.

So, after our amusing lengthy discussion, and some thought and consideration, my conclusion or advice to my friend was to do exactly what men do. Get out there, throw some money at the problem, find herself a 30 something dishy stallion, have tons of fun and even more sex, less abiding intentions and then some more trilling moments, and live happily ever after. She will even be a step ahead, taking into account that she is still stunningly hot.

  'Act like a woman, think like a man' - it's the perfect life formula.



Even if you completely disagree....don't forget to smile!


Nicole xxx