Masturbation can be harmful

January 18, 2019



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Pornographic movies were probably produced since the invention of motion picture in the late 1800. Watching sexual intercourse films has been a source for sexual fantasies and arousal for a long time, even though it has only become acceptable to openly watch in the 70's and 80's, when pornography was semi- legitimised. Today, the porn industry has exploded. Internet is making porn widely available and the easy access has produced a lot of porn addicts who masturbate countless times weekly.

Masturbation, even though entirely normal and beneficial to health, can be harmful when overdone. The unrealistic sexual expectation that is created by masturbation can damage the way the brain translates what real sex should feel and look like. While masturbation can be, physically, a harmless exercise, it can become a very harmful psychological addiction. According to some medical researches and Markham Heid from the, 'some guys who masturbate a lot, using specific types of stimuli—say, certain categories of porn coupled with specific hand movements—find that they can’t recreate the same type of excitement during sex, Dr. Köhler, an urologist at Southern Illinois University, explains. Basically, rubbing it out teaches your brain and body to get off only in response to your solo act, and you experience problems getting it up or finishing with a real-life partner. “If that happens, you have a problem that needs to be addressed,” says Dr. Köhler.' 


To restore sensitivity levels during sexual intercourse and lower the chance of ejaculation difficulties and erectile dysfunctions, changing your hand techniques during masturbation and watching less of the same erotic stimulants is highly recommended by Sexual health experts.

Other online sources also say :  'You also need to be aware that your partner doesn't have your hands, doesn't know your body and doesn't fully know every-which-way to touch you that will lead you to the grand finale. Many men masturbate when they are single and don't have an sexual partner. During this time, they are mainly using their hand to masturbate and they can control the speed and grip. Once they have a new partner, men may experience trouble achieving orgasm and ejaculation since the vagina or rectum offer a different feeling than a hand. Even your partner's hand is not the same as your hand...'



So Gentleman, aim for real sexual partners instead of unrealistic porn fantasies ....and don't forget to smile!


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