The 'care' expectations

January 17, 2019




'No one really cares' - the confusing importance smacked on that topic is overwhelmingly ridiculous. The realisation that most people don't really care about us, should not be a disappointment. Disappointments are only born from expectations and why are we expecting people to care? Do we care about them, and what does caring about someone really means?

We spend our days consumed by thoughts and in all honesty, most of those thoughts are connected to our own well-being, our own dreams and desires, wants and needs, successes and failures. Whatever decisions we take are first and foremost benefiting ourselves. How many of us can truly say they have overlooked their own interests just to help someone else?... and I am not involving the kids and parents here, even though I can argue that what we do for them is also, to some extend, selfish.

We see others mostly when it suits us, we help them when it's easy or won't cost us a thing, we listen but rarely hear, we express concerns out of diplomacy, we give only to receive and place a distance the moment we smell trouble. Basically, what we do is expect others to care more about us than we care about them. I am not saying we are all bad, careless people, but often, while we only give sympathy to others, expect a very deep empathy in return. Caring about someone means doing for them what we will do for ourselves, thereafter, caring really means loving...and love doesn't know benefits and interests. Love is either there or it's not, it comes with motion not words and eagerness to give not receive. So perhaps, next time we catch ourselves complaining about how no one cares about us, we should ask the simple question  - Who do we really care about? 





 Look within yourself for the answers....and don't forget to smile !


Nicole xxx







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