The human mind

January 12, 2019


Dragon ladies and Alpha males - beautiful, confident, strong and accomplished. Those super humans project the certitude and wisdom everyone craves for. They seem unfazed by every day issues and shielded from pain and disappointment. Oozing power and dominance, they sail through life and conquer with ease and grace the, unreachable for most, happiness. But do they really?


Modern society has fostered a lot of 'mythical creatures', who often fail to prevail in reality. Not a surprising fact considering the plethora of emotional abuse that social media transmits, and the increasingly unhealthy human interactions. The fear of rejection has never before crippled the human mind so intensely. The prospect of being wrongly labelled and misunderstood is so inconceivable for the contemporary person that revealing the authentic self has become somewhat of a modern anathema. Inspired by that destructive agitation of what vulnerability and openness can do to one's social life and status, the modern human has plastered himself with exaggerated confidence and artificial demeanour. That Modern God/ Goddess has been modelled around false projection, and fake it - till - you make it attitude. There is no robustness in the core of that display of conviction. There is no real power or strength, no true happiness, just fear... or is it?

The lingering fear always tends to awake the hardwired in humans survival instinct. In the conflicting affair between fear and authenticity only ignorance can choose solely one or the other. Is it not the freedom of self that is precisely what brings that conflict to the surface?

Everyone is an individual despite the presence of fear and everyone wants to survive in that modern life battle, despite the weakness of their body or the softness of their character. The choice of weaponry, as damaging for others as it might be, is based on availability and accessibility rather than on prudence. At the end of the day, who stands is the winner. And winning is happiness. Happiness starts and ends in the mind, and the mind of a winner is a happy mind. 

Perhaps, that new model of faking greatness is not to be nether judged nor admired, but looked upon as human nature - complicated, philosophical and endlessly fascinating .


The truth lies in the questions, not the answers! Always question everything you see and know....and don't forget to smile!


Nicole xxx



"More than 2,000 years ago, the philosopher Socrates wandered around Athens questioning others on their beliefs on subjects such as theology, justice, virtue, beauty, courage, temperance, and friendship. Instead of simply transferring his understanding and knowledge to his students, he preferred to engage them in a dialogue designed to challenge previously held beliefs in order to lead them to a discovery of the truth for themselves. He chose to become the student and made those he questioned the teacher."   - Sam Shryock  (link)