A Choice

August 27, 2018


Does people's optimism decline with age? 

When we are young everything seems possible. We feel million years away from mental and physical downswing. We identify easily the opportunities thrown at us and grab every and each one, and we believe that's how it will always be. Life is full of excitement and wonder. But then the years pass and as we experience some of life's harsh knocks, our expectations of unfavourable future events tend to grow. We become less enthusiastic of our future and pessimistic thoughts are slowly climbing our mental ladder. It all makes perfect sense, or does it? Why do we have to look at the glass half empty?

Having hard times and learning from our mistakes is what makes us more resilient and every misfortune is a new opportunity of growth. Sometime less is more. Pinpointing less opportunities, doesn't mean we have less, it means we are now wise enough to recognise the important ones. 

I believe, that optimism is a choice, a conscious decision that is entirely controlled by us. We even choose the channelling and distribution of our optimism. Optimism is basically just a persistence. The persistence through tough times and adversities, hardship and sorrow. The persistence we apply in re-framing our lives, finding a new meaning and fresh aspirations. Optimism is not magic, it is our will power to see how beautiful life is despite the grim surroundings or temporary pain we experience after some not so lovely circumstances.



Choose Optimism....and don't forget to smile!



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