Stay Happy

August 12, 2018



If you would like to know how much you like or dislike your everyday life, go on a long holiday. On your return you will have a clear indication. If you are relived to be back home and can't wait to begin with your everyday chores - thumbs up. But if your stomach is in a knot and you can only think of the hardships awaiting - then perhaps it wasn't a holiday you needed, but an entire life shift.


Our lives are one big array of our very own choices, and we can not really blame or prise anyone else for those. It is our own responsibility to change what we don't like and to create suitable possibilities and opportunities for the changes we need. And in a case when we are happy and content, it is again up to us to make the right moves and keep that state of love. 


I feel gratitude every day for all the amazing-ness I have in my life, for the incredible nature, for the abundant summer sun, for all the wonderful people I encounter and for the beautiful feelings they inspire in me. Life has so much to offer, we just need to be willing to see it.



Stay positive and find happiness in the smallest things that surround you....and don't forget to smile!





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