No end

July 9, 2018


I am not a writer, my English grammar sucks and the last time I had to write a proper essay was in High school and in a different language.

Everybody who reads my blogs regularly and knows me a little is aware that I am an impulsive blogger. I can only write when inspired of affected by something and my flow of thoughts for that particular subject is just at that very moment and never to be repeated. On many occasions I start blogging and then I am interrupted by something or someone, and once I leave my writings I can never again finish them. My mood and my feeling are different the next time I open my blog, and there is no way I can ever complete the reasoning in the form and shape I meant  when I began writing. 


Well, here are some of those random blog beginnings with no end ...




Some people accumulate wealth and riches, some-wisdom and knowledge, others recognition and success, and then there is me.

I've accumulated far too many birthdays, few unwanted kilos, plenty of personal issues, tons of sarcasm and a healthy pinch(or bucket) of cynicism. What can I say I am one hell-of-a collector. 

I would like to believe that the gathered knowledge about society and the world has lead me to my incredulous, opinionated, satirical nature, but of coarse my cognition is highly subjective and debatable. What do I know?! After all, knowledge is like a frozen lake. We happily skating on the frozen top, enjoying our familiarity with the shiny surface and blissfully ignoring the volumes and volumes of the unknown right underneath our feet. 





What never cease to amaze me is how we toss away even the tiniest idea of being close to someone with issues( different than ours) even though we have our very own pile of them. Apparently that persona-non-grata deserves little love and understanding and those human issues are nothing less than demons. But in fact that very rejection is making us cowards and exactly what we claim we dislike.





Selfishness is perceived as an evil trait in people. But how do we determine if someone is being selfish? Do we base our opinions on carefully examined thoughts rooted in the person's conduct and nature or our accusations are built upon our personal disappointments and emotions?






Incredible. According to men all women have to be a crossbreed between a Mermaid and Marilyn Monroe. We should never taste carbs, as if we are more than size 8 our arms will register as legs. We should stay with perfectly youthful skin way after our 50's, despite the constant complains that we spend too much money for cosmetics and (God forbid) plastic surgery. And while we taking care of 2 kids, house, laundry, food, shopping, work and an ungrateful husband we should find time to regularly exercise, make our hair, put make up and have the desire to make love twice a day. Darlings, I have news for you. Women are human, like it or not, and unless you look like Greek Gods, treat us like Queens and spend money on us like an Arab sheikh, you have no right to complain about our visuals and sagging skin.

" I am not attracted to my wife anymore. She has gained weight over the years and doesn't take care of herself. Never wants to go out or have sex... "  - I bet everyone has heard at least one man saying those very words. I have on numerous occasions, and infuriates me every time.

All I want to say to those men is -  Hunny, you are 60 years old with enough wrinkles to cover the Pacific, hairy back, balding head and a bulging belly, should we ask what your wife has to say about her sexual attraction to you?






The notion is that we all like to hear beautiful words, flattery and verbally expressed interest and recognition. But what I've discovered over the few decades I've been on this Earth is that the people who like to shower us with that pleasing utterance are the people we should pay least attention to. 

Flattery doesn't usually serve the receiver. The real beneficiary is and always will be the Flatter-er. It's the oldest and most popular form of manipulation I've come across, and have great difficulty tolerating it when not in a modest form.

"Actions are louder than words"- is a saying I stand by. Non like many other myths, this one is actually the real deal.

Red lights start flushing every time someone tells me they 'care' about me. Really? You do? How?

What does it mean to care? Do you really take interest in my well-being, do you want to help me in a certain way? How many times a day do you think of me?

Well, in most cases where this happens, people are looking for my attention and my favourable disposition and thus the 'Care' has actually nothing to do with me. All they aim for is receiving what they want and need from me. 

I may not know much, but know enough to be able to deffer real from fake ( unless it's a Chanel bag )





Are you on holiday yet? If not, start planning......and don't forget to smile!



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