Fake Perspective

May 22, 2018


Life and people are never fully as they appear. Deliberately or not, there is always more behind the scenes than what is on view or at least this is what I believe. 

Therefore, I've never been able to fully comprehend the big fuss about First Impressions and Appearance. Not only I don't like relaying on those, but in fact, I find them false or fake 95% of the time. Am I too pragmatic to put in use those seemingly important instant depictions of the human character and understand their significance? Or do I simply lack knowledge on how to dissect correctly what I first observe?  

I've read a lot of studies and opinions of physiologists, sociologists and anthropologists and in a way I do understand the way human mind and all hardwired reactions work in us and how the cultural and social influences, and stereotypes affect our outlook on people, but still can not agree with the popular belief that First Impressions and Appearance are of such notable importance. First impressions are based on our knowledge, upbringing  and experience digested and processed by the primal, emotional centres of our brains. Meaning our brains form an instant impression by creating a composition of all the mostly visual signs and clues given off by the new person.

Well, call me crazy but that sounds to me like an artificial intelligence or programming.

Our brains, for example, translate dressing smartly to success, prosperity, intelligence and confidence, but that isn't an accurate representation of reality . Just because someone has a good fashion sense doesn't mean he holds an MBA or has any significant success in life. Same as ugly cargo pants and flip flops doesn't make someone a loser or a moron. Our brain also subconsciously tells us that a good, firm eye contact is a sign of higher intelligence, but that is not proven to be entirely correct. Many genius people are actually shy and an absolute introverts.

You wouldn't want to judge Einstein by his appearance, would you? Many people only present on first glimpse what they want us to see, and very successfully fake warmth, empathy, honesty, knowledge, confidence and even wealth and success . They actually have the ability to create a false, but really positive aura around them, and if you've just walked into the room they can easily fool you and make you believe what they wanted you to believe. But their true colours will surely shine through at one point or another if you are to spend more time with them. I bet all the people who are convinced I am an elegant and graceful woman, wouldn't think that if they see me bumping my legs on the bed corners every morning or spilling the tea on the table. Same as everyone who has witnessed my clumsiness first  would never think of me as elegant. All and all, our brains are quick at processing information based on the software installed, but truth is we can only see what is on view, and whats visible is not always genuine and authentic. I strongly stand by the saying ' You can't judge a book by it's cover'.



Dig dip, analyse further, feel .....and don't forget to smile !



Nicole xxx