V&M for life

April 28, 2018

Couple of days ago when I was having my Shpritz at the Piazza San Marco, absorbing the sun and enjoying the festivities of the Venetians, I had a toast to my health, to life and most of all to my beautiful daughter to whom I owe my entire happiness. 

As the Italians celebrated their Liberation day, I had an important celebration all of my own - One year Vegan! What an year it has been, and what an extraordinary, wonderful journey that have changed my entire outlook on food and health. A year ago I was going through my very first serious physical hurdle that have left me stuck in bed and pretty much immobile. I was in a constant pain, exhausted, out of shape and feeling slightly depressed. The medication, treatments and doctors appointments didn't help much and as the days were going by I was wondering if this is what 'old' feels like, and if I will ever return to my happy, healthy, vibrant self.

I didn't realise how much I needed my good health and physical fitness until I could actually taste the lack of it.  After few months of pain and mental misery, needless to say I was feeling quite desperate.

I didn't know what else to do as I have tried all that the doctors were recommending with no significant results. On my Birthday last year my daughter told me that she can not yet afford to buy me the gifts she wants for me, but will give me one that will perhaps ease my pain so she can have her happy, smiling mommy back. Little that she knew, she was about to give me the second biggest gift in my life after her birth. She explained to me in great detail, including many scientific facts and researches what was actually happening to my body and suggested I keep a vegan diet for 6 weeks, which was suppose to tremendously help my condition. I was supportive of her Veganism, but quite opposed to the idea of applying it on myself, so one can imagine my reluctance to this lovely offer. It took an entire day of convincing, but at that point I was really bitten by the pain and had absolutely nothing to lose ( besides few juicy steaks) so I decided I will give it a go. The next day I began my Vegan challenge with no real hopes or expectations. To my surprise, vegans actually ate more than few leafs and a tomato and I was pretty pleased with all the food options and suggestions from my daughter. 

In about a week, I got up one morning and realised that the pain was no longer present. Was that really possible...just like that food fixed it all? Please believe my shock.

Obviously my shoulders were still immobile and certain activities were still out of reach, but that constant, darting pain was completely gone. I could actually have a coffee or read a book without being interrupted rudely by the annoying pain. Bliss - life without pain was really beautiful.

A week later I was already planing my return to the gym and take some yoga and pilates classes. I was happy enough to finally be pain free, when I detected another miracle. I was sleeping- a full night, deep sleep, go to bed in the evening and wake up in the morning kind of sleep. That event hasn't been part of my daily life for over 10 years. With the opening of my company back in my 'old' days, there went my sleep. It was one of the many prices I've paid for my short lived success.

These days I am not successful, and I don't have many socially viable titles, but Vegan & Mum are totally enough, and two I am the proudest of. After a year of being Vegan and 18 of being a Mum, I can say with confidence that becoming a Mum & a Vegan have been two of the greatest things I have done for myself, and two of the best decisions I have ever taken in my life.


I am proudly VEGAN and blessed beyond measure to be the Mother of such an incredibly smart and wonderful kid! 







    Count your blessings, eat healthy, look well after your bodies and minds....and don't forget to smile!