Escort Cuisine

April 27, 2018

Fitting escorting into a slightly conservative mindset, and maintaining normality in a somewhat socially abnormal setting isn't an easy labour. One has to constantly be alert and aware, creative into the approach and intransigent with the execution. The collaboration between common sense, knowledge, experience and blissful ignorance has to be in flawless synchronous, and ability to cope under pressure while mainly dependant on sixth sense elusiveness, has to be polished to perfection. 

Now if that recipe isn't hot and spicy enough, sprinkle some unique personality traits, different ages, statures and cultures, inner energy vibes, chemistry and money and you will end up with a dish so elaborately cooked and seasoned that even the 'Master Chefs' will have difficulties encoding. 

Then for desert try and do the correct presentation for this Virtuoso cuisine to a bunch of people who think food is just for the hungry, it's almost like advertising Haute Couture Petits Fours to a group of Bodybuilders in a catting phase.

Apparently even 30 pages of explicit elaboration on a carefully chosen ingredients and highly specialised dishes isn't enough to differentiate a Fine Dining Testing Experience at a Michelin Star Establishment from a Price list in a Fast Food Chain.  

One being the luxury and ability to appreciate something specifically designed for your enjoyment, over which you have no immediate control, and the other is stuffing your face with junk that's widely available to everyone who has a penny to throw - shouldn't be so hard to detect the difference if you have your taste buds in tact.



Bon apetit n'oublie pas de sourire!





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