April 22, 2018

Making things possible - those are 3 words that often keep me awake at night. Can I make it all possible? - all that I want for myself that is. Can I be wise enough, strong enough, consistent or even ignorant enough to believe I can make it all possible?  I am definitely a dreamer. Always was, always will be. In a way that has brought a lot of good into my life, as I fearlessly chase my dreams and take many risks along the way and in a way has hugely diminished my chances of actual success.

All the choices I have made in my life, big or small, difficult or easy have had benefits, but also many potential risks. Biggest problem is that, somehow I've never learned how to filter the choices without being emotionally bias and how to calculate the risk in a way that incorporates my personal morals and values without compromise or sacrifice. Sacrifices are tangible, solid actions, that can carry positive or negative consequences, but once done they do not tend to carry too big of an emotional burden. On the other hand compromises bear significant soul-stirring and could completely alter the emotional aspect of the outcome. One is deeply rooted in compassion and the other in frustration. In other words, with a sacrifice I am giving up something I do already have, and when compromising I only give up on an idea or something I want. 

This leads me to a real