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April 17, 2018


No matter how many people I meet and how many of them I really like, there are only few special ones who've managed to touch my heart and will forever stay wonderful in my memories. 

And what better way to create some of those refreshing, emotional souvenirs than a road trip to the country side. A country trip with a twist, exclusively tailored to suit the needs of a 'capricious' city girl.

Unsettling thoughts ? - not this time. Trust does magical things to the soul. No last minute panic, no nervous anticipations of disappointment, no stress. 'Mona Lisa smile' on my face and sparkle in my eyes. The rain as nutrition to my happiness, the grumpy skies as contrasting background to my colourful mood, and Smokie as the sound of my joy.  Who needs the sun when the heart is bright and warm, who cares about life's trivia when looking at the youthful, enchanting beauty of nature while in the company of someone 'Special'. Green, rolling country sides budding gracefully under the tender Spring wand, smiling at the idyllic villages with white window cottages and low wooden walls, fresh aromatic flowers in the relaxed, cheerful gardens gently washed by the morning rain and peacefully walking animals along the quiet, narrow roads...

If my 'boozom' wasn't comfortably riding in a Mercedes, which was only invented some 110+ years after Jane Austen's death, I would have totally felt like one of her subjects.....

On a second thought... perhaps I am not exactly suitable for a fictional character in a romance novel, far too pragmatic and unruly to even feel comfortable considering being one.

Scratch that thought. Where was I ? .....oh, yes. The country side. 

My very first escape away from the powerful, enigmatic centre of London and what an escape it was!

Don't you wonder how some people get to read your mind so accurately that are always able to deliver everything you want and need? I am certainly surprised by it, every time it happens.

And this time I was, once again spoiled beyond words and given more than expected . So very lucky.

After a perfect duration drive and a country breakfast in a small friendly community, arrived at a beautiful spa hotel with a small castle -like architecture and gardens to stop your breath.  You know you are at a special place when from the lobby mirrors are growing spring flowers and 18th Century portraits of the patrons are staring at you. But when you get the best suite in the house with a big terrace overlooking the hotel's gardens, plus the restaurants on the premises have an exclusive gourmet vegan menu and lengthy South African wine list,  you know you aren't only in a special place, but with a very special someone who knows you well enough to make you smile, and likes you well enough to care if you are smiling.

If you are already loving the sound of my escape from the polluted, noisy chaos called London and feeling a little jealous, wait until I tell you about the fabulous Spa with hydro, pools and over 40 different treatments to choose from, and if that doesn't wet you appetite, then I will slip in my visit to the Beaulieu National Motor Museum...  


I would like to say I was feeling for everyone stuck at work or in their monotonous every day life , but truth is -I was too busy with my jolly activities to think of anything or anyone beyond my very own happiness and the person who made it possible.


Have a break, love life....and don't forget to smile!




PS Thank you my Special K. You are the BEST!  

A little song for you  Smokie  :)











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