Blossoming Composition

April 1, 2018

 "Sacred to peace, within a wood's recess,
A blest retreat, where courtiers never press,
A temple stands, where art did never try
With pompous wonders to enchant the eye;
There are no dazzling ornaments, nor vain,
But truth, simplicity, and nature reign:
Mistaken mortals who believed their race,
Would never cease to crowd to such a place! "    - Voltaire


Observing how nature responds to the warmer air and shorter nights, hearing the cheapening of the little ambassadors of better days, trying to catch the sun rays in between the clouds while walking in the park, I imagine, feels better even than having the original 'Bacchus and Ariadne' in your living room.  Spring is the Renaissance of nature, the re-birth after the long and cold winter which without a doubt felt to me something like the "dark ages". The graceful movement of the Life Goddess exhibits every time, without a fail, the most extraordinary colour pallet the eyes can detect . Her artistic virtuosity has been the endless inspiration for everything beautiful that surrounds us, and her green spirit inspires the display of more happiness on our faces than then frescoes in Italian chapels. 

This intricate blossoming composition called Spring is my absolute favourite piece of art. It's never ending versatility is making me dive into a whole new spectrum of dreams and possibilities. 

I feel bewildered how effortlessly this magic master piece of nature provokes fresher and more loving  thoughts in my mind and wider, happier smiles on my mouth. 


If we only learn to look, if we only stop to appreciate , if we only allow to be touched ....  



Happy Spring Good People.....and don't forget to smile!



Nicole xxx