March 14, 2018


A hot topic that repeatedly comes up in my professional life is my notorious decision to see only mature man. I actually find it puzzling that there are so many people out there who don't get it.

Well, I will dare to elaborate on my perspective for everyone who cares to know the reasoning behind that decision.

Youth is widely desired by everyone, men and women. However, the ways we pursue our hunger for youth is very different for both genders. Men of all ages are looking for their youthful cheerleader and often fail to understand why women are more attracted to the mature individuals of the opposite sex. The answer is simple and it lies as deep as our DNA. Men and visual. They like visual stimulation and movement, they are more aware of space and dimension and their emotional intelligence is scientifically proved to be lower than the women's, simply because they have spent less time on it's development. A man feels that by being psychically and sexually active and surrounded by young, energetic people his life is enriched and extended. Men look for stability within and outside for adventure. Women on the other hand are totally emotional creatures. We base most of our decisions on our feelings and our emotional analysis of the surrounding world. We like being wild and peril within and completely stable on the outside. So naturally, we look for security and wisdom, and these are both traits only associated with maturity. Not to mention mature men are much sexier, at least to me, I was watching Avatar last night and that General (Stephen Lang), wow, he definitely ticks all my boxes. 


How I see it is -most young man are in desperate need of validation, and are too experimental, still, to be able to understand the huge impact that emotional connection and the slow build up of seduction has on the sex. They are too busy counting the trophies on their achievement walls and completely ignoring or simply unaware, that there is a big difference between winning the Youth league or the Masters. (Youth league being sex and Masters being sexual ecstasy)

I can't blame them really, after all practise makes perfect. I just refuse to be part of it. 

Sweaty sexual marathons or bedroom martial art performances are not of an interest to me or nowhere near my expertise. Another very unattractive attribute I find widely in young men is their failure to comprehend the significance of honouring their word. Empty blubber seem to be the norm, and that may sit well with the cheap dates they score on Tinder, but in my world I couldn't care any less of what they have to say over Whatapp. Chatting - oh, do they like that. If I ever dare to try and be nice to someone, they attempt to keep me chatting (texting or talking) for as long as they possibly can. Inviting me for lunch and coffee, prising me for my beauty, knowledge, conversational skills or empathy, little that they know, won't really change my mind, as over and over again actions and facts speak so much louder than words. Not always positively correct in my psychological insight of course, I can conclude that young men have a lot to learn (nothing wrong with it) , but I am not a teacher, lecturer or a sexual therapist. I am a companion and a paid date. Someone very special you can enjoy for as long or as little as you like without any strings attached, without any follow ups and hustle.

I always conduct myself with grace and honour, but I am aware not everyone does the same. I trust, but always verify and intuitively know when to walk away. I believe , my chutzpah, smile and my confident walk can take me much further than any Jimmy Choos can, and I certainly know that the mature man can make me 'weak at the knees' much easier than any youngster can ever dream of. 


Don't be offended, it's not personal, besides you will grow up one day....until then- don't forget to smile!


Nicole xxx