March 2, 2018


I am so entertained by the approach of some men in the romantic department, it works on me even better than Trevor Noah's stand up comedy.

More than often these days men with a little to offer as humans and a lot of zeros on their bank accounts think that 'Out of my league' is a product with a steep price tag attached to it.

Their moto is - 'Everything has a price' and evidently there are no boundaries to their obnoxious boldness (as for it sounds better than idiotism). Apparently, as a woman rooted deeply in the Eastern European parts of the world and way past my expiration date, I got to be simply a desperate money hungry object available romantically to all bald, ageing men with slim manners and fat portefeuille, or younger dudes with Kakadu hair, slang vocabulary and fast cars.

Right, only few problems with that will be- I didn't fall on my head hard enough as a baby, my brain has few creases and unfortunately do not resemble an Olympic ski slope, I can buy my own dinner, the word 'rich' has no affect on the position of my panties, I am only easily impressed by  'Voltaire's language' and, I am a vintage car fan. 

When a man dishes a line such as - ' I can make any woman fall in love with me, I am rich' , not only that I doubt his manhood and abilities to impress a real woman, but I can't help but to laugh out loud and roll my eyes in disbelief of his complete ignorance. Certainly he can extract a wonderful performance from the type of woman who has enough agricultural experience to nurture an uncultured swine, but as for to trigger romance in the heart of a beautiful, confident woman, he would definitely need more than the ability to sign the bill for the Dom Perignon.

Such poor imitations of the strength and character that a man is suppose to posses, I am rejecting firmly even professionally. Their accounts and poor behaviour not only don't magically place two different post codes on my legs, but shut me completely as a Scottish high way during the 1st of March 2018.

Arrogance is a weakness and I am only attracted to resilience and robustness, and only interested in the man behind the power and authority, if such exist. 



Be the man I admire, not the one who my laughs and pity inspire.....and don't forget to smile!


Nicole xxx





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