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February 20, 2018


The Review culture is growing rapidly and becoming a very important part of every professional brand. Giving the consumer a voice and understanding their perception on the services and products provided are the keys for the success of any business, but non like any other, the escorting business is much intimate and private and in some cases even part of a forbidden life.

It often touches secretive and highly confidential needs and behaviour which are not to be disclosed or discussed in public. Besides, how can something as subjective as intimate desires and personal chemistry be described or simply categorised as "positive" or "negative"?

My understanding of how the feedback can be extremely valuable to everyone who is seeking services, aiming for the right experience and the authenticity of the provider, doesn't diminish my ambivalence towards those trends or my doubts on their credibility.

Separating the quality of services, the character of the provider and the individual experience is in many cases a very confusing task for the writer, not to mention his privacy concerns and finding the time for something that is considered not a priority or necessity. I have repeatedly been discussing that subject with many of my "temporary boyfriends", and discovered that most of them feel completely uncomfortable "advertising" me to others or objectifying me simply as an "escort", while condensing my entire colourful persona, my skills and our connection in a sentence or two.

To those men I am more than a professional service provider, I am a friend and a lover, companion and confidante, temptation and escape, and they also know just how fond I am of them

They see me as a person, not as a business. We discuss our needs and innermost reflections, life and love, pain and despair, and from all this jumping to a service review is simply awkward, if not unthinkable. Excepting official reviews is something, I obviously need regardless of my personal outlook on the matter. I do not actively encourage or discourage feedback, but of coarse it's always lovely reading some kind words and knowing I've been appreciated. Every review is good for my reputation in the industry and a great guide to my authenticity for the new clients, but I've been in this business long enough to know that client's reviews are in fact a rare occasion, and the more I deserve them the less I receive them.

Knowing all that first hand and reading some of the feedback in the industry, I kept on wondering how is it possible that some providers have hundreds of reviews and new ones coming almost on a daily basis? Do they cater to a different clientele? Are they insisting on reviews? Are they too fabulous?

And of course, being the highly analytical person that I am, I had to do a further research on the matter. Not surprisingly, dissecting that 'feedback fruit' lead to some interesting discoveries.

People never seize to amaze me with their ignorance and devious creativity. Well, I don't want to be "the b****" that relieved all escort secrets and sparkles doubt in the punter's mind, but Common girls, seriously? 

If I can discover all your little agendas from the comfort of my home, without knowing a single other woman in the industry or talking to anyone, don't you think guys can do the same?

Saving some 'bux' on advertising by tweaking with the review sites may seem smart, but underestimating men is pure stupidity. Triggering the interest of the crowds and too many different guys you don't like devouring you on a daily basis, may seem like a good business plan, but your paid rent or Jimmy Choos wont be able to heal your broken spirit and forever lost self-esteem. Quality is always more important than quantity. Caring more about yourselves and less of  the popularity and review ratings ultimately will achieve all the things you so shamelessly forge at the moment.

Build trusting connections and lasting admiration, not fake reviews and meaningless encounters!



Guys, all I have to say to you is - 'Keep your eyes wide shut and your minds open' ...and don't forget to smile!



Nicole xxx










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