Valentine cheer

February 14, 2018


Wrapped in my small, little world made of insignificantly common worries and troubles, such as paying the school fees or Council tax, wondering if botox is a good idea or how to escape to the nearest tropical destination, I often forget that I am gifted with the privilege of living in the most incredible city on Earth. The history of this place, the prolonged accumulation of grand magnificence in every aspect, the colourful and endless array of diversity and knowledge is absolutely enough to fulfil all my human needs and aspirations. I only have to find the time to look, and open my heart to feel. 

While more than 90% of the world's population was illiterate, Britain was producing people like Shakespeare, Newton, Darwin, Babbage and Brunel. While my ancestors where still learning how to dye their wool, The East India Co laid the foundation of globalisation and trade and built an Empire. 

While in some parts of the world the living quarters of a 7 member family was a room built of dirt, the English royals decorated their palaces with excessive collections of Masterpieces and artefacts.

Once all that knowledge, skills and beauty was not even a dream to most, but today it is available to everyone who wants to learn and see. Why not enrich my life with that so easily accessible knowledge and culture instead of reflecting on how insignificant my existence is? Why not let my eyes devour the beauty of what was once only for the eyes of Royals and their entourage instead of looking into the grumpy grey skies?

With those thoughts in mind and in celebrations of Love (mainly for myself) I am treating myself to an absolutely amazing and intriguing art exhibition in London. For the first time in over 370 years, most of the Masterpieces of the grand art collection of King Charles I is back in London and presented together as even the king himself hasn't seen. Apparently it took more than 3 years for the Royal Academy of Art to put this exhibit together as they've landed art pieces from many museums around the world as well as the Royal Collection, and to see it, will be once in a life time experience.

I've never been the typical art and culture aficionado. I don't have a vast knowledge of Art. I don't enjoy going on a touristy museum trips and wrestling with the crowds to have a sneak pick of the most popular exhibit. I don't like listening to all the fluffy analyses of the artist's emotions and intentions for a certain piece of art. Those hold (in my opinion) a little truth and much imagination in the current interpretations of someone who called themselves an Art critic, just because they've studied a little bit of Art history. And last, but not least- I hate pretending to understand or appreciate  something that has no effect on me what-so-ever. But all forms of art intrigue me in some way, they've thought me in their subtle but exciting way about history and people, about passion and love, about power and politics. Nothing can move me or speak to my soul the way art and music can.

The arts explore all life's mystery and questions, and there isn't anything more important than understanding life and it's issues, to face them and embrace them, to reflect and live through them. 

Life has given birth to Art, and Art has the divine ability to give life to everything it touches. 



Happy Valentines....and don't forget to smile!



Nicole xxx



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