Tantalising moments

February 8, 2018


I am still buzzing after yesterday's Tosca. It was my first ever Tosca, and wow, I was completely in awe... What an opera, what a performance, what voices, what passion and drama!

Puccini just knows how to electrify the audience with his music, and his fascination with women always provides a powerful female character you get to admire and love.

 Often Operas feel so distant from our reality, so unrelated to our lives, but Tosca was different. Though, it is a 19th Century Opera, the story is totally relevant to today. Powerful predator abusing his authority and high society rank, a beautiful woman full of passion and never ending life drama.

I loved it. Comfortable in my seat, reflecting after the performance I got me shaking my head and smiling at my very own thoughts. If you would've asked me at that moment, what I want to do with my life ... well, that was it. I want to go to the opera and watch every and each one ever written, then play golf at a sunny course, spend time with my baby and reflect on the last performance I've seen. Throw an occasional ballet or musical, a glass of bubbles and some delicious plant based food in between and I will be in Heaven. 

Probably sounds pathetic, compare to the doctors and scientist striving to discover a new cure for a dangerous disease or a way to improve further the Bioplastic. But, hey dreams are unique, free and we are all in title to our very own. I find it amazing that a person like me who isn't easily impressed, can so effortlessly be wonder-struck by an opera performance. I have goose bumps from the moment the orchestra starts tuning their instruments to the moment I leave the building. It is always such a powerful experience that I almost feel like my heart skips a beat every time the music mood shifts. 

Being that excited is like a drug, the more I have the more I want. And today I am one very happily drugged woman with a big smile and a heart full of gratitude, as it is a privilege to have such experiences, and a privilege I don't ever take for granted. 



Dare to dream your own dreams, and live your own reality....and of course...don't forget to smile!


Nicole xxx