February 6, 2018


When did society decide that it's perfectly normal to spend 2 hours of the day looking at meaningless pictures and people who pretend to stand for causes they don't believe in or fully understand, but it's nearly impossible to find two hours to read a book or learn to meditate?

I've seeing it so many times where an entire table of young people sit at a restaurant, barely talking to each other as they are too consumed with their devices and taking duck face selfies to post on Snapchat and Instagram. So much wasted energy that could be channelled into something of substance. I do think of myself as a modern, open minded woman but some trends simply don't blend with my taste. I did have a personal Facebook once, but quickly grew tired of everyone's fake perfection and seemingly fabulous lives. Removing myself from that field of weed, that was suffocating some much valuable hours of my day was the easiest click I've done. I rather do anything else.

It is only natural that as people we seek the attention of others.  It is how we are wired, and it's a big part of us being social creatures, but WoW .... attention needs are taken to another level on Social media. I've known about Instagram and what the aim of the app is, but it wasn't until yesterday, when a personal friend wanted me to look at some of his " ex drama", that I've ever explored that Digital Photo-album on steroids myself. Looking at that naked explosion I couldn't help but to feel ancient with my "Less is more" philosophy. Never really though my "business" pictures will look innocent, but they definitely did, compare to the flesh exposure on Instagram. Family members and friends commenting on a wonderful new butt job ...what?

I certainly would be horrified if my father or my friend's husbands see my butt's naked snaps. That's almost like serving them Sunday roast in my tong.  Millions of followers for a girl with a nice boozom?  What is there to follow and where is the fascination?  I don't know a single person without one of their own. It is obvious that all those hungry looking, half naked people with "bee-stung" lips are completely addicted to attention and ready to go to great lengths to be admired, but in reality what truly counts is not be appreciated widely, but rather to be appreciated deeply. 

Obsessive attention seeking is very much a psychological problem and it often indicates an early childhood neglect. Does that mean we have an entire generation that's been neglected emotionally?

That certainly is a scary thought, especially for a parent. But on the other hand we have a Twitting President and Snapchatting Politicians, so maybe I should just take an old lady chill-pill, read my book and let the young be. 



You don't have to approve or understand everything, so just go with it .....and don't forget to smile!



Nicole xxx











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